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STORE CLOSURE February 4, 2016

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We’re giving you a ‘heads up’ on our upcoming store closure

(yes, another one !).  This location will be


February 21 to February 29 inclusive


But, you can visit our Pop Up Store on N. Front St. in Belleville across from McDonald’s while we’re gone.  It’s opening February 16th and will remain open until the end of March….all items 1/2 off or more.  All sales final.  Cash only.  Take a friend or 10 !


YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY…. November 16, 2015

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One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  These will look amazing in their new space in front of the change rooms.  Add a little table and some magazines and you’ve got a perfect little ‘waiting area’ while your loved one shops!  May I add the After picture doesn’t do the chair justice.  Perhaps it’s the ugly background!!

Chair before

Chair – Before

Chair - After

Chair – After


WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN….. October 2, 2015

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Starting tomorrow we will be going


There will be some exceptions.  All sales will be absolutely FINAL.

See you soon.  And I’m sure again and again.

With a sale like this you’ll be back more than once!!

storewide sale


IT’S OFFICIAL…. September 22, 2014

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Summer is over.  Sad to see it go (would have been much more sad had it actually ever arrived).  The streets are much barer.  The store is much quieter.  The days seem much longer, here, alone. So please, if you are out and about, do stop by even if it’s just to say ‘hello’.  Enjoy this season for all it has to offer….comfy clothes (which we have lots of), pumpkins, better sleeping weather, beautiful colours and MacIntosh applies!  What are your favourite fall things?






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Enjoy this last long week-end of the summer and be safe in doing so.

Please note that we will be reverting to our fall hours as of Tuesday which will be:


Monday – Saturday  10 to 5

CLOSED Wednesday’s

Sunday  11 to 4


CAN YOU BELIVE IT ? August 25, 2014

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We’re in the last week of summer already!  Where has it gone?  I still think we missed it somehow…went directly from winter  into next fall missing Spring and Summer  altogether.  Hopefully we’ll get a good blast of  “Indian Summer’ that lasts into late October.  Nevertheless, if you are in town, please do drop by and see us.  It’s been great seeing all our yearly regulars.  Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and stay connected.






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to us…..coming up August 11th we’ll have been in business


Come celebrate with us.  Stay tuned for that days’ special.