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STORE CLOSURE September 29, 2016

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Please note that the store will be


Saturday & Sunday

October 1st & 2nd.


We apologize for any inconvenience.


HERITAGE September 3, 2016

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Community support is rising as shown by signatures on the 2nd petition, to repeal Bylaw 3286-2013.  As the campaign progresses, these are options that are being considered:


a) A “Restore Our Property Rights” poster and banner campaign on Main Street, and echoed along Hwy 49, and other places.

b) National press coverage to carry our message out of the County and into the rest of Canada.

c) Follow up with ERA Architects to learn why the HCD Plan failed to provide negative legal consequences, and critical evaluation data.

d) Public fundraisers on Main Street to raise money for a defence fund to support the business community against Shire Hall in case of a prolonged process.

e) Public discussions on County radio and, to present the failures of the HCD since inception, clarify important heritage misconceptions, ie: the heritage district will never become the streetscape that people envison, nor the economic driver that HCD promoters promise. Additionally: how heritage preservation really works, who really does it and pays for it, and how heritage fans have been getting a free ride for decades with zero gratitude or appreciation to the owners.

And remember, we believe in the restoration and preservation of heritage but do not agree with the government take over of that heritage.