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A BIG ‘THANKS’ April 29, 2015

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To Lisa Ng for her mentioning the store in her blog – This Beautiful Day….a lifestyle blog for smart & stylish women….


WHY ME? April 15, 2015

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The life of a lonely shop keeper, albeit it dull at times, always amazes me.  Take this, for instance…..apparently the Marriott Hotel, or someone acting, not on their behalf, has been contacting people saying they’ve been selected to win a free stay at their chain. Sounds good but the calls are somehow coming through the BEACH  BUM’s phone number!  Not even the OPP know how they are doing this so they have directed me to the Anti Fraud squad of the RCMP.  So, just a heads up… if you receive or have received one of these calls from 613-476-6100 it’s not the Marriott and it’s not me! Unless, of course, you are friend or family in which case you could have received a call from me, personally, from this number.

Spoofing, as it’s called (just hung up from a call to the Anti-Fraud squad) is prevalent.  If you are a victim of this, call this number to report. 1-888-495-8501. And, if you answer a call that you believe to be of this nature, press the # key on your phone 5-7 times quickly and then hang up.  Do your part and report anything suspicious.  Gotta stop these people!




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Good Friday – 11 to 3

Saturday – 10 to 5

Easter Sunday – 11 to 3

Monday – Closed

happy easter