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OH, THE JOYS….. November 25, 2014

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as I have stated previously there are no customers……few sales and long days. If that isn’t enough to discourage one how about finding a pair of worn shoes under a shelf and an empty box above them where a new pair of shoes should be?!!! Yep. Not making any sales but things are being stolen. No worries as I have done my own sleuthing and come up with a name, address, school, etc. It’s only a matter of time until the police find him today. Payment for the shoes is the ultimate goal however, I’m not confident that will happen. Merry %#%^#?*! Christmas!


BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE….. November 19, 2014

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it was almost 2 hours today on the phone with support from the POS company to get me up and running like I was prior to taking my hard drive in to be repaired. Not fun.  Good thing is it’s November, in Picton and there are literally NO CUSTOMERS!!!!  so, being tied up on the phone for that length of time really wasn’t an issue (for the store – just for me and my lack of patience).  Koodos to Greg at MultiPost for HIS patience and knowledge.  See, that’s one of the problems of working for yourself and by yourself……there is no Tec Support on site….and there are no birthday parties, exit parties, staff parties, etc. with lots of treats!  I miss all the treats from my previous life!  I truly am a lonely shop keeper these days.  Hopefully December brings some people out shopping.


I NEED A DRINK! November 18, 2014

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it’s what, 11 o’clock AM, and I need a drink!  So my day yesterday was spent driving to Toronto to drop off  my computer tower to have my hard drive replaced (it crashed) and then all the software (for my POS system) reinstalled.  It was either ship it, which I couldn’t because i could not be without my cash register for 3-4 days or take it to them.  My biggest concern (yesterday) was getting it back and remembering where everything was plugged in!  That turned out to be the easy part.  An hour on the phone and things still aren’t the same as they were when I took it to them.  I couldn’t even get into my cash system because I couldn’t find the software! My desktop looks NOTHING like it did Saturday and I can no longer access the program from my laptop which is where I can print reports from and email reports home.  That’s just the beginning…..I seem to have to re-index files every time I open my system and the F9 option to open the cash drawer doesn’t work so I have to open it manually.  I want to see ‘them” just try to bill me for their time this morning!!  Not off to a good start.   And, I have no heat in my vehicle!  The coldest day we’ve experienced this year and I’m freezing on the way to work.  Should have known then that it wasn’t going to be a good day.  The life of a lonely shop keeper!


CUSTOMERS November 8, 2014

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It’s so nice to have customers drive in from Marmora just to get a swimsuit for their upcoming vacation.  It must be that great customer service and one-on-one they get that keeps them coming back…..even if it is only once every couple of years.  We are your PREMIER PRE-VACATION DESTINATION!  Pass it on.

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