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NO ‘MO TAX…… October 29, 2014

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We’re gong TAX FREE for Movember.  Take advantage!

Tax Free2


THE LIFE OF A SHOP KEEPER….. October 18, 2014

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is not that glamorous (if you ever thought it was).  Take yesterday for instance when I spilled my water bottle on my phone – and no, not cell phone, the ‘old fashioned’ sit on the desk, kind of phone,  Seems I couldn’t get all the water cleaned up in time as it somehow ‘fried’ my equipment.  No phone all day and low and behold, because my phone line and debit machine are on the same line, no debit or credit transactions available. So, could not do end of day batches, etc.  Brought in a cordless hanging around at home and still wouldn’t work. So, at 9:40 this morning – store opens at 10 – I’m running of to Canadian Tire. Then remember the Source is closer and wheel in there.  They have ONE connector like the one I need.  Hope this works.  As it turns out, it’s their Grand Re-Opening so I get free screen cleaner, enter a draw to win $250 and a free Tim Horton’s coffee.  My day isn’t so bad after all.  After much playing around with jacks and phones I finally have a working piece of equipment! Go to print some totals from yesterday but now my receipt printer is giving me an error message of some sort that the printer is set up correctly!  WTF….it was when I left yesterday.  So, I unplug and reboot.  Problem solved.  Then the radio doesn’t work. What next.  Easy fix once I found the problem. So after much stress the day has begun.



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Please note that we will be open Thanksgiving Sunday from 11 until 3

and we will be

CLOSED on Thanksgiving Monday so that we may enjoy some family time and turkey!!