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COUNTY WEAR January 24, 2013

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is coming to BEACH BUM in the County.  With Joanne and Eric closing up shop and moving to the Soo,  we decided to take it on.  It is still available at its current location until this Saturday, then it will be relocated here.  Finding some space for it may be a challenge but then again, we are always up to a challenge.  Looking forward to meeting all their loyal cusomers.


WE’RE BACK…. January 10, 2013

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Well, it’s been a hectic and stressful beginning to the year, here at BEACH BUM in the County.  If replacing the ceiling, adding covers to the fixtures and few other odds ‘n ends, wasn’t enough, we have a new POS system to contend with.  This baby takes the place of the old ‘dinasaur’ cash register we were using.  It actually puts us into the 21st century! as far as retail systems go.  ‘We’ aren’t friends as of yet, but I’m sure as times goes on and we spend more time working together, it will be a nice pairing.


Your patience will be much appreciated until I (then Darrell) get a good handle on this and all it can do.