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PLAN ‘B’ April 27, 2012

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OK….so  DW finally showed up last evening only to confirm that plan A, clearly, was not going to work. Should have skipped plan A and went straight to plan B.  Plan B it will have to be.  The wind, however, is out of my sales…..with scratched and peeling decals already.  Seriously.  Can things never go right the first time?!  Apparently NOT.  Sick feeling in my stomach has subsided.  There’s no ‘FOR SALE’ sign on the cart (yet) and I am back to being excited (except, of course, did I mention the scratched and peeling decals???) Oh, the saga continues.  I’m sure there will be more to this story before the summer is out…and, it hasn’t even started yet.  Yikes.  I may be in trouble.


SO, IT’S HERE…. April 26, 2012

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and my inital excitement has been replaced with horror!!  The new, shiny ice cream cart I’ve been looking so forward to getting has been sitting pretty on the front step of the store all afternoon.  People walking by admiring it.  Even one mother and son came in to buy ice cream!  It’s past closing time and I cannot get it through the front door!!!  OMG.  What an ordeal.  My lovely decals now scratched.  I’m inside typing and looking out at “IT” on the front step.  Waiting for DW to show up so we can try to get it  in to safety.  It’s an awkward thing on three wheels.  Can’t imagine what trying to bring the bike version in, would have been like.  It’s heavy. I just made it to the curb as it rolled off the step at one point heading towards the side of a van.  I do not know how this is going to end.  It may not be good.  It may be for sale tomorrow.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew (or, in this case, more than will fit in the door).  Honestly, the measurements seemed to be OK.  I think it’s the *&^%$ nuts on the wheels that stick out toooooo far.

Will update as the situation changes.  And, hopefully, it changes!!

I feel sick.


20 PERCENT CLEARANCE EVENT….. April 22, 2012

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Save an ADDITIONAL 20% on all previously reduced clothing, swimwear and summer footwear.  That’s right – an ADDITIONAL 20% off the lowest ticketed price. Sale starts  April 24th to April 29th. Don’t miss your chance for great savings! at BEACH BUM in the County.



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SUMMER MUST HAVE… April 15, 2012

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Maxi’s are where it’s at.  Get yours this week at 20% OFF.

Many to choose from.


SAVE 30% April 9, 2012

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on new, fun summer denim

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HOP IN April 3, 2012

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For GREAT savings this week….

Toys – 1/2 off (excluding DoodleArt – YES, we have DoodleArt)

Children’s Wear – Buy 1, Get 1 – 1/2 off !! 

Just in time for Easter.